What are Cnc Machines? It is one of the most asked questions today. We will explain the answer to this question in an explanatory way.

Today, developments have emerged in order to reduce the need for agriculture and other human labor and to switch to mass production, that is, fabrication. Machine and machine tools were produced for these machines.

After the other machinery industry and the automotive industry, the need to be used in the production of agricultural machinery was felt. The aim of these designers, as we mentioned at the beginning, is to replace manpower with faster, reliable and efficient tools. There has been no fundamental change in these benches for many years. But continuous progress has been made.

With the adoption of computer technology in our age, an era has opened in metal cutting works. This event is generally called “Computer Aided Numerical Control”. Its abbreviation is CNC. This type of machine tools spread to the agricultural machinery industry after other industries and prompted the manufacturers to invest in these machines. In this way, agricultural machinery, industry has shown a tendency to approach European standards. And serial, error-free production has started.


History of CNC Machines The idea of ​​numerical control II. It emerged with the production of complex aircraft parts needed by the US air force at the end of the World War II. Because it is not possible to produce such parts with the current production benches.

To achieve this, PARSONS CORPORATION and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have started joint work. In 1952 he carried out the first successful work in this field, equipping a CINCINNATTI-HYDROTE L milling machine with Numerical Control.

Since this date, many machine tool manufacturers have started to manufacture Numerical Controlled workbenches. Initially, vacuum tubes, electrical relays, and complex control interfaces were used in NC machine tools. However, they often had to be repaired or even renewed. Later, miniature electronic tube and monolithic circuits, which are more useful in NC machine tools, began to be used.

Rapid developments in computer technology have also affected Numerical Controlled systems. Today, more advanced integrated circuit elements, cheap and reliable hardware are used in NC machines. With the introduction of ROM (Read Only Memory) technology, it has made it possible to store programs in memory.

As a result, these developments led to the birth of CNC (Computer Numerical Control). The CNC is then turned into a lathe, drill, etc. It has been widely used in machine tools.