About Us

Our company was established in Dudullu / Şerifali in 2010 with the aim of meeting the technological openness of the furniture industry. It aims to help you by manufacturing complementary products to facilitate your daily life and routines. Among our priorities, prioritizing customer tastes and developing designs and productions that make them happy are our top priorities. Meeting people’s expectations and needs on time is among our primary principles. CNC cutting, CNC machining, wooden moulds, furniture CNC machining are our primary business lines.

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We combine the past of wood with the future of design. As Cnc Wood, it is among our priorities to produce decorative and complementary products that are carefully designed in line with your dreams. Our aim is to create big changes with inspired touches and bring quality and aesthetics to your living space.


In this journey from design to production; Playing an active role in project planning and planning as your solution partner, with individual and striking approaches Meeting your expectations on time is one of our primary principles.


Thanks to our wide machinery and experienced infrastructure, we offer solutions above standards. Risk sharing in your domestic and international projects We provide error-free production and delivery services by playing an active role.

From Design to Production...