We will explain the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cnc Machines in the best way possible. In this explanation, we will present it to you in a simpler and more understandable way. The biggest and primary benefit provided by all CNC machine tools is the possibility of automation. work using CNC machines
During the manufacturing of the parts, the intervention of the operator can be minimized or completely eliminated.

Most CNC machine tools can operate without outside intervention during part machining, thus allowing the operator to find time for other work to be done. This provides benefits to the CNC machine owner such as reducing operator errors, minimizing errors caused by human error, and determining the machining time in advance and precisely.

For this reason, since the machine will be working under program control, the skill level of the CNC operator related to the basic machining experience is considerably reduced when compared to a master manufacturing the same parts on a conventional machine tool.

The second main benefit of CNC technology is the precise and consistent output of workpieces. Today’s CNC machine tools have repeating and positioning accuracy values ​​that are hard to believe. This ensures that two, ten or a thousand workpieces can be obtained with the same precision and measurement accuracy after the program is checked.

Advantages of Cnc Machine Tools

Advantages of Cnc Machine Tools are as follows;

Some clamping molds, gauges, etc. used in conventional looms. Compared to other components, the machine’s adjustment time is very short.
Adjustment, measure, control, manual movement etc. The time losses caused by the reasons have been eliminated.
Since the human factor is not very effective in manufacturing, serial and sensitive manufacturing is possible.
There is no need for qualified people.
Machine operations have a high precision.
The working tempo of the bench is always high and the same.
All kinds of consumption (electricity, labor, material, etc.) have been reduced to a minimum.
All kinds of personal errors that may arise from the operator in manufacturing have been eliminated.
Mold, gauge, template, etc. The system is cheaper because expensive elements are not used.
Less space is required for storage.
The transition to part manufacturing is faster.
Changes to be made on the part are made only in the relevant part of the program and in series without changing the whole. Therefore, manufacturing with CNC machine tools has great flexibility.

Disadvantages of Cnc Machine Tools There are disadvantages as in every system. These are:

A detailed manufacturing plan is required.
It requires an expensive investment.
The hourly rate of the counter is high.
Compared to conventional workbenches, they require more meticulous use and maintenance.
It is necessary to use high quality cutters with high cutting speeds.
Periodic maintenance should be done regularly by experts and authorized persons.